N2 reflow system for 6₯8inch
wafer's bump formation


  • After solder ball attaching or printing, nitrogen reflow system for solder bump formation.
  • It can use it even for a wet back oven, for the bump formation after the solder plating processing.

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<Major Feature>
œ@Walking beam conveyance system
The conveyance is the special walking beams (PAT.) and the wafer is sent@ un-continuously.
Comparing with the conventional conveyance oven , its length can be more
œ@Hot plate and far-infrared rays heating from upper part
The hot plate of each zone is controlled by PID. (}2.5Ž)
The temperature accuracy is improved by using even the back-up IR heater of upper part.
œ@Wafer adsorption's holes or a few pins rise a wafer on hot plate.
Losing the conveyance error by the warp of wafer, and preventing a swerve during the conveyance.
œ@Three axis clean robots
The insertion into furnace is done by 3 axis clean robots. Inline system with theupstream machine is possible. Also there is the low cost type of using the rope
conveyor conveyance.
œ@Coating processing on surface of hot plate
It dose coating processes on the hot plate surface. Being difficult to get damaged even the cleaning is easy.
œ@Loader / Unloader inclusion
One figure design that included loader& unloader. It is able to produce it in accordance with the using cassette of the customer.

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