N2 (air) solder reflow furnace for a
small size PCB and electronic device.


Small size nitrogen solder reflow oven
  • It is able to correspond to every works.
    N2 atmosphere furnace has many function.
  • Normal solder is natural, showing
    the excellent performance to high temperature soldering.

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ƒMajor Features„
œ@Small size ministry space
It is (L=2805) 5 zone heating though it is a small size. The temperature profile that does not change with a large reflow able to be gotten.
œ@High temperature correspondence
Max. 400Ž (the atmosphere temperature within the furnace) corresponds. @@It can correspond to the big the thermal capacity that is using with high temperature solder or being made by metal or using with the tray of carrying.
œ@Urgent cooling
A sufficient cooling effect is obtained by the circulation water cooling unit inclusion.
œ Flux collection
œ Automatic conveyor width adjustment
œ Conveyor chain lubrication
œ Collection net conveyor for fall PCB(OPTION)
The PCB that fell in the furnace is carried to the exit with this net conveyor.
œ Prevention warp conveyor(OPTION)
The center support conveyor chain prevents the warp of a large or thin PCB. Also this center support conveyor able to be stored at the time of the un-using.
œ Oxygen density meter
The oxygen density meter is standard equipment. Also as option function by controlling the quantity of nitrogen, the oxygen density can be controlled.

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