Reflow system for
Lead-free correspondence
‚m‚q‚x|‚T‚R‚O|7‚y Standard type
‚m‚q‚x|‚T‚T‚O|7‚y Large PCB type
‚m‚q‚x|‚T‚T‚O‚‚—|‚V‚y Prevent warp conveyor built-in type
‚m‚q‚x|‚T‚T‚O‚s|‚V‚y Nitrogen generator inclusion style

7 zones N2 reflow oven for Lead-free

The new design of the heating-7 zones and the cooling- 3 zones.
The ideal temperature profile of lead-free solder was materialized.

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ƒMajor features„
œRectification box for convection heating
Even if it becomes the high temperature, by the combination of the convection fan and rectification box, it can reduce the difference in temperature between parts.
œUpper and lower heating
PCB is able to be heated even from lower by the establishment of the far-infrared rays heaters. It's effective the soldering for package type device.
œMany zone heating
By 7 zone heating method, the pre-heating time is possible be longer than 4 conventional zones, also it can reduce the difference in temperature in the peak by doing reflow with 2 zone.
œCooling ability
The cooling ability was improved by making the cooling 2~3 zones and furthermore causing a water cool unit included. Also flux is able to be collected cause the cold trap by utilizing this cooling water.
œTouching panel
The operation is the display of a touch panel method. Switching the monitor screen, the condition setting screen, the abnormal screen, the abnormal record screen, and the weekly timer screen, you could use it.
œ Heating condition memory
Reflow condition (temperature setting, conveyor speed, fan turn number) is able to be remembered to 32 patterns.

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