Drying clean oven for LCD/PDP glass board.

  • Adopting the hot plate heating method, the degree of clean in the furnace is improved. (Class 100)

  •  It is optimal to pre-baking after the seal printing between LCD, and also resist baking oven.

When clicking the picture, the expansion figure is displayed.

<Major Feature>

@Walking beam transportation
LCD board is carried by 2`4 pieces the walking beam transfer (PAT.).
There is nothing the friction on a hot plate.
@Pins for LCD board goes up and down
About the warp of LCD' glass by the difference of thermal expansion of the both sides, we resolve this warp with the pins control of going up and down on the hot plate.
This pin especially establishes on the NO. 1`2 zone.
@LCD board adsorption
The gap in the hot plate and glass board are prevented by an our company original adsorption system.
@Hot plate coating processing
The hot plate surface is processed hard coating. Being difficult to get damaged even
the cleaning is easy.
@Three stepping cooling & final water cooling
The cooling plates of air cooling and also water cooling are equipped.
Doing the stepping cooling so that the glass is not cracked and also the cooling effect is possible to normal temperature (25) by doing the water cooling in a final zone.

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