N2 reflow system for the BGA^CSP 's solder ball formation

  • Both using by the far-infrared rays heating and hot wind circulation.
  • By circulation water cooling unit inclusion, urgent cooling is the possibility.
    The joining strength of the solder ball improves.

When clicking the picture, the expansion figure is displayed.

ƒMajor Features„

œ@Many line conveyance
High productivity is materialized in the ministry space, by conveying 2 `4 rows of works. iMax. tact time 15 secondsj
œ@Net conveyor conveyance
There is not the danger of the fall of work in furnace.
The conveyance of 2 rows can be produced easily.
œ@Works dividing at entrance and collection at exit function
The works dividing and collection system are equipped to 2 rows conveyance. Line-ization with the ball attaching machine of up stream and the washing machine of lower stream can do easily.
œ@Unloader equipment
The special unloader of 4`5 cassettes installation is equipped.
The high speed cassette's exchanging is possible in max.10 seconds.
œ@Ministry space design

œ The ministry space design of L=3550mm.
(Inclusion unloader)
œ@Buffer conveyor inclusion
Even the oven that included the buffer conveyor is possible design.
The products can be escaped from inside furnace without giving the damage at the time of the lower stream machine's trouble.

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