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Company outline

Establishment November 23, 1936
Address Head office @@1-9-22, Nakamagome, ota-ku, Yokyo, Japan
Factory/Sales place 3-1-9, Asahi-cho, Soka-shi, Saitama, Japan
President Yutaka@Sawada
Capital \30,000,000-
Employer number 75 people (at present August 1, 2000)
MainBusiness contents Industrial machines
@@Change gear box
@BTransfer machine
@CFA system machine
Semiconductor production machine & furnace
@@N2 reflow oven for print circuit board.
@AWafer bump & BGA/CSP ball formation's reflow system
@BSemiconductor's clean oven
@CLCD/PDP drying clean oven

Representative greeting
Be sincere to customers, continually improvement of the technology, Each individual person harmonizes toward the purpose, "Sincere"C"Improvement"C"Harmonize"Cwe are putting up to the company's basic principle.
We are pouring our power to making company that was filled "creative power", "execution power", "technology power" on our basic philosophy.
The technology is progressing quickly in the global market, we are doing a effort Continually, and catching the client needs carefully, and developing a products more excellent ,and then aiming for the company that is able to contribute to the society.


Company History
1936 Established in November by Shirokichi Sawada producing the engine parts.
1943 Specified as supervised factory by the navy office, started manufacture of feed pump.
1946 Reorganized to Yamato & Co., Ltd. and started manufacture of gears and gear reducer.
1954 Reorganized to Yamato Works Co., Ltd.
1960 1960 As the rationalization plan for 5 years, specified of Saitama prefecture to induce the factory, constructed Soka works.
1962 Increased precision machines, and rationalized the industrial equipment.
1966 With the increase in product of industrial machine, constructed the welding shop.
1968 For the production on a large scale, increased a special large automatic machine.
1971 Opened a vocational education school.
1974 Yoshio Sawada was appointed as the second president.
1981 With the increase in products and enlarging, adopted a special large auto machine and established the assembly shop.
1983~86@ Develop new technology and get the patent of special heat exchanger and heat storage method for drying of foods, woods, paintings etc.@@
1987~90 Develop the semiconductor produce machine by tie-up with another industry.
For high accuracy and high quality, equipped the new model machining center, for high efficiency, adopt the CAD and computer system.
1991 1991 Exhibited N2 reflow oven to the Inter-Nepcon Japan in Harumi.
1992 1992 Starting of production & sales of LCD clean oven and 4 inch wefer bump reflow.
1994 Starting production & sales of small size high temperature N2 reflow oven for electronic device's market.
1995 Starting export N2 reflow oven to Philippines.
1996 Starting export Air reflow oven to Korea.
1997 Starting the production & sales of intelligent N2 reflow oven.
1998 Starting export N2 reflow oven in Taiwan and China
1999 Starting production & sales of lead-free solder relow oven(NRY-530-6Z)
2000 Starting export N2 reflow oven in Malaysia.
Starting production & sales of 8 inch wafer bump reflow (NRY-101V6W/LU)
Starting production & sales of small size lead-free reflow oven(NRY-520S-5Z)
2001 Shipment number of reflow oven achieved 300 units.

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